What is SMM panel

Social Media is widely used for marketing and everyone want to increase their likes, comments share in anyhow. SMM panel or social media marketing panel  is one of the solution to increase it quickly. So SMM panel is a marketing panel to buy services such as Facebook likes, followers in Instagram , YouTube views, Website Traffic and more services at a reasonable price.

How it wrks?
SMM panel basically a Social media Order Management script. Consists of start counts, remaining counts and many statuses like Pending, processing, In progress, Error, fail and completed. There are many ready-made scripts available or is even on rent. You can also get it created by a web developer or a coder. You can also buy it from many websites. reference by Quora.

Is SMM Panel Legal?
SMM panel is not legal. Every social platform work on their own algorithm, if you forcefully and quickly want to get results then it will definitely effect in your account and you may be charge for penalty and in some cases account is permanently deleted.

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