What is The SERP full Form

SERP full form is Search Engine Result page. In SERP web crawler gives arrangements of your search results. Every search engines show their search result in this way, for example Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. Google shows us best results according to our search and its world’s NO 1 search engine.

When we search for something as per our requirements, google gives us the most appropriate result. Basically when we post something in google through websites, social media they index those data and provide us the best when we search.

SERPs typically contain two types of content

1. Organic
Organic results means listing of web pages that appear in search result by follow search engine algorithm. SEO professionals do that to rank your content in search pages.

2. Paid result
In contrast to organic result, paid results are those which have been paid by advertiser to display in search result.

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